Cuz Kids Gotta Do What Kids Gotta Do!

And what IS it that "kids gotta do"? They've gotta …


That's just what Foamnasium foam-crafted kid's furniture and playroom products help them do. And when playtime’s over? Foamnasium gives kids the perfect way to relax and replenish.

Whether for playroom, school room, or daycare center, Foamnasium children’s furniture provides the building blocks for a happy, nurturing childhood … and sets the stage for a lifetime of future fulfillment.

To see just how Foamnasium foam kid's furniture accomplishes this, explore our website. Then contact Foamnasium for details.

Boy playing foam block picture
Our building blocks help develop key skills in your kids.

Set your kids' creativity free with Foamnasium blocks! We've got Baby Blocks, Medium Blocks, and Big Blocks. All are soft yet durable - perfect for stacking or building whatever your kids can dream up. In the process, they'll build motor skills, develop an eye for spatial relationships, and have all kinds of fun!

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Mark B.
12-13-12 I purchased the large foamman (Foamie)in early September and this is the ONE toy my 4 year old plays with just about every day!!! It has withstood numerous physical activities (tackling, punching, kicking, jumping, throwing etc) without a scratch or tear! It's soft enough that he f...
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