About Foamnasium, by Foamcraft


We’re Foamcraft, a leading fabricator of polyurethane foam products for commerce and industry.

Foamnasium is our proprietary brand of foam furniture and foam play products that we’ve designed exclusively for children.

The truth of it is, Foamnasium Is ALL ABOUT KIDS.

Kids having fun.

Kids developing motor skills.

Kids exploring and expanding their imaginations.

Foamnasium is safe, soft, durable, colorful, uniquely designed, and environmentally friendly children’s furniture. That’s the result of our 6-decades-plus of polyurethane foam experience and our thorough understanding of the chemistry of foam.

We never rest on our laurels, though. We make sure we keep abreast of the latest technology upgrades and chemical breakthroughs. That way, as the industry itself becomes more environmentally responsible, Foamnasium children’s furniture and play products will be ahead of the pack.

You’ll find our foam children’s furniture and play products ideal for play rooms, school roomsdaycare centers … anywhere kids play and could use a little “focused” stimulation. We can fabricate Foamnasium children's furniture and play products into virtually any shape, too. So you're ensured of a product that’s not only innovative and unique but also attractive, functional … and loads of fun!

To see more of what we’re all about, check out this website – especially our Idea Gallery – and contact Foamcraft.