Foam Blocks: Soft, Safe, Foam Building Blocks

No mater the size of your little tykes, we have the perfect sized children's foam block for them to play with. Having a desk and chair to write and read at is complemented nicely with our three sizes of foam blocks.
The primary colors of yellow, green, red, and blue entice your young ones to push, pull, drop, stack and knock around these light-weight blocks all around the room.
Building muscle and gross motor skills has never been so much fun; just watch them for proof!
Foamnasium Medium Block being pushed. Such fun with our foam blocks!   Foamnasium Large block being used as a seat. Such fun with our foam blocks!
 Foamnasium Medium Block  Foamnasium Large Block
Like all Foamnasium products, our children's foam blocks are flame retardant and made of high grade vinyl. In all you get a fun, safe, foam-filled vinyl product made to endure the intense daily playing regimen that young children are known for, with years of soft play fun built inside each one.
Combine these foam blocks with our other foam products such as foam chairs, pillows, sofas, and tables to create a safe, easy-to-clean-up play area. Contact us directly for more on our vinyl foam furniture, and how to order.