Built to Bond: Why Floor Time is Essential to the Parent-Child Relationship

Father playing with son on Foamnasium foam play set.

With Mother’s Day just behind us and Father’s Day in view, it might be easy to take for granted the special bond that you and your child share. Right now, you are the center of their world. You are the all-wise “grown-up”. You are the knower of all things, the maker of all good foods, and the antidote to the terror of boogie men the world over. As any parent will tell you, this is a priceless relationship and one worth fighting for. One of the best and most simple things you can do to nurture and maintain this relationship is to spend time playing with your kids.

The benefits of active play are self-evident. Lynn Louise Wonders of the Primrose Schools notes that “Through play, children express their thoughts, feelings and dreams. When you join your child in her world of play, you will likely develop insight into these thoughts and worries”. An article from the Washington Post added that, by actively engaging in play with your kid,you will be fostering a warm, empathetic relationship that will promote your child's healthy emotional and cognitive growth.”

Foamnasium products are perfect for this sort of play. With packages like the Block Party, you and your child can spend countless hours building, tearing down, and connecting over the fantasy world of their imagination. Other products like our Obstacle Course are perfect for engaging the high activity that helps your kid grow stronger and grow closer to you. Whatever play your child enjoys, we have the products that can help you enjoy it together.