What We’re Made Of: How Foamnasium Foam & Vinyl is HAND-SELECTED for Safety

Foamnasium Vinyl covers.
Foamnasium polyurethane foam play blocks

One of our goals at Foamnasium is to provide your little ones with a quality product that is both fun and safe. Obviously, it helps that our playroom décor is made of foam. It means they can enjoy fun, indoor activities without breaking themselves or their surroundings. That has been our driving idea since day one. However, our dedication to safety extends beyond the basics.

There are two areas in which we pride ourselves on taking extra care. The first is in the foam itself. Each Foamnasium play piece is purposefully constructed with polyurethane foam that is soft, durable and completely free of all harmful chemicals. Additionally, it is fire retardant and antimicrobial. We’ve been in the foam industry for over 65 years, which means we’ve put our experience to use to hand-select the right foam for you and your little ones.

The other area where we've taken extra care is with vinyl we've selected to cover our play pieces. As with the foam itself, we hold our vinyl coverings to high standards. The material we use is antimicrobial, lead-free, and phthalate-free. With Foamnasium you can have confidence knowing that the vinyl covering your child’s toy will not expose them to any harmful chemicals. Moreover, it’s easy to clean. If your toddler or preschooler holds the title of “mess maker," you can rest assured that cleanup is a breeze.

We value safety in every area of the production process and seek to create products that allow you to have peace of mind while your little ones have the time of their life.