The Wacky Sack: No Ordinary Bean Bag

Foamnasium Wacky Sacks - shredded foam bean bag chairs, available in two sizes and a variety of colors.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't met already, we'd like to introduce you to the Foamnasium Wacky Sack. It's soft, it's supportive, it's filled with supple, shredded polyurethane foam. It's the perfect compliment to your child's playroom or bedroom and, let's make one thing clear, it is NOT a bean bag. It is far more.

Ordinary bean bags are filled with tiny styrofoam beads. In addition to being uncomfortable, these constructions offer less support to your child, easily deteriorate, and can be quite messy if the beads ever find their way outside their casing. Foam, on the other hand, can be a magical solution. It's unbelievably soft (it's the same material used in mattresses), it offers a higher level of support for your child than other bean bag fills, and it's incredibly resilient and durable, meaning it will retain it's shape and provide years of comfort. Sit on a Wacky Sack just one time and you'll notice the difference that shredded foam makes. It's one your child will surely appreciate. 

Our Wacky Sacks are available in two sizes (24 inches and 36 inches) and a variety of colors. Get one today and your child will be climbing and lounging in supported comfort in no time!