Foamnasium of the Month

Congratulations to last month's Foamnasium of the Month winner!

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Foamnasium of the Month! January 2016

This month the winner is Krystal Meisel who is creatively using the Foamnasium Blocks for seats in her Makerspace. Krystal envisioned a space where kids are excited to learn; a collaborative environment where kids, with guidance from the teacher, drive the learning in the classroom.

What is a Makerspace you might ask? A Makerspace is a space where kids can create, invent, and learn. It creates a collaborative atmosphere for kids to learn from one another.

The Foamnasium Blocks are used as seats in the Makerspace. The blocks allow for the space to be easily transitioned depending on the activity and they also work great as building materials as kids interact with their environment. 

Good job Krystal! You made learning fun, exciting and innovative for kids!!

Foamnasium of the Month - June 2015!
There's so much happening in this month's Foamnasium of the Month! There is a completely random assortment of pieces that have come together for a hilarious fort! Well done everyone!
Is that a FoamMan without the cover but with a T-Shirt? Nice touch. 
Foamnasium of the Month! July 2014
Congratulations to the Snively kids for winning he Foamnasium of the Month in July of 2014! This is our first video submission, and once we watched it it was clearly the winner of the month. It's great to see the energy and creativity of these kids!

Foamnasium of the Month! February 2013
Congratulations to the Ravensberg boys for winning he Foamnasium of the Month in February of 2013! This is without a doubt the most in depth collection of pictures we've received, and the most active use of the Foam Home and Foam Man! It's great to see these boys having such a great time!
**The Product pictured has been removed from our product line. Check back for an upgraded version coming soon! 
Foamnasium of the Month 
Foamnasium of the Month! December 2012
Congratulations to Mark B and Jack for wining December's Foamnasium of the Month! It's great to see Jack loving the FoamMan (or Foamie, as he calls him)!
Check out Mark's testimonial to learn more about Jack and Foamie! 
Foamnasium of the Month - August 2012
Congrats to these two cousins for getting the Foamnasium of the Month for August 2012. Who would have thought that two little ones could have so much fun with one chair!
Foamnasium of the Month! May 2011
The May Foamnasium of the Month was found at the Indianapolis 500 of all places! Hundreds of kids had a blast playing and relaxing on our foam products!
Foamnasium of The Month! April, 2011
Click Here to see More views of this months Foamnasium of the Month.
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