Blocksy Kids Couch

Blocksy Kids Couch


Equal parts furniture and play set, the Blocksy is the couch made with kids in mind. Each Blocksy includes two folding bases and two wedge cushions, and the sky is the limit for how they’re used! Kids will love it’s fun versatility, and parents will love it’s clean, modern design. Foam & vinyl construction means it’s durable and easy to clean.

See what Blocksy can do in our user-submitted photos below!

Available in 6 colorways. Free shipping to the continental U.S.

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What is Blocksy?

It’s a sofa built for active play, and the possibilities are truly endless. That’s why kids love it! But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials and photos from actual customers:


Frequently Asked Questions


How durable is it?

Very durable! We use foam that’s both higher in density and firmer in order to maximize durability and make sure our product lasts. That means it will keep its shape. And the vinyl is inherently tear-resistant to ensure your product stays consistent for years to come.

How big is it?

The box it comes in is 25x16x43 (inches). That means that how big it is in storage. In sofa form, the Blocksy is 70” wide, 25” deep, and 19” tall. If you’re interested in the dimensions of each individual part, check out the dimensional diagram in the product photos for a more detailed breakdown.

Can I put the cover in the washing machine?

You don’t have to! Since we use medical grade vinyl, you can simply wipe it clean. This way, you don’t have to worry about unzipping the fabric, washing it without shrinking it, or the pains of re-stuffing the fabric back over the foam. Just grab a wet wipe.

Do I have to remove it from the box right away?

The sooner the better for the sake of your kids’ enjoyment! But, we don’t compress the product for shipping like most manufacturers, which means there isn’t a potential issue with unboxing or product quality if you can’t get to opening the box right away.

What’s the warranty?

All Foamnasium products are warranted for two years. If you have a product issue that’s within normal use please let us know. We’ll want to see pictures so we can identify the problem, fix it going forward, and give you a replacement product.

What if my kids hate it?

Impossible. We would require video evidence. In all seriousness, if you’re unhappy with your product for any reason, please call us. If it’s within 30 days of your purchase, we can help.

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