Children's Shredded Foam Furniture

Playing on the floor is great! Just ask any kid. Whether they are lounging while reading a book, playing with toys, or feel the need to bounce like a kangaroo, the addition of a children's foam pillow will amplify their enjoyment.
Foamnaium Small Shred Pillow being layed on by a little boy. Our foam children's pillows are great for jumping on, laying, or anything else a child's imagination can think of!
 Foamnasium Large Shred Foam Pillow  Foamnasium Small Shred Foam Pillow  Foamnasium Wacky Sack Foamnasium Big Wacky Sack
 Foamnasium Soft-E-Lounge   
Made of quality vinyl for easy clean-up, and sturdy foam for years of soft, safe play; Foamnasium pillows offer a fun way to play on the floor. Features include...
  • Bold primary and secondary colors
  • Great for little tykes to bounce and jump on
  • Anti-microbial treatment for kid friendly environments 
Combine these children's foam pillows with our other foam products such as foam chairs, sofas, and tables to create a safe, easy-to-clean-up personal playroom or daycare play area. Contact us directly for more on our vinyl foam furniture, and how to order.