Foam Children's Furniture - Tables


If a kid wants their own child-sized living room, they would not want to stop simply at chairs and sofas. Neither does Foamnasium. All our soft and durable chairs and sofas can go perfectly with the foam tables and ottomans shown below. These lead-free, phthalate-free foam tables and ottomans are ideal for small bodies and small foam furniture sets - the perfect size for play and comfort.

Our foam children's furniture are perfect for school education, daycares, playroom furniture, or just general relaxing. Without further ado, here are our wonderful tables to choose from:

Foamnasium Corner

 Foamnasium Black
 Foamnasium Cloud

Like all Foamnasium products, they are flame retardant and made of high-grade vinyl. The final product is a fun, safe, foam-filled vinyl product made to endure the intense daily playing regimen that young children are known for, with years of soft play fun built inside each one.

Combine these foam chairs with our other offerings like foam sofas, pillows, and tables to create a safe, easy-to-clean-up play area. Follow the links for more information or contact us directly for more on our vinyl foam furniture.