A Great Way to Keep Kids Entertained and Safe

The biggest scare any parent can have is when their child is hurt. It’s so easy for children to get injured – they never stop moving around! They climb, jump, swing, and race everywhere, barely giving you time to breathe! Give yourself a break with Foamnasium, the safe foam furniture made especially for kids.

Foamnasium specializes in keeping kids pleasantly occupied and – as much as any product can – out of harm’s way. Our products are made of polyurethane foam and high-grade vinyl. This makes them soft and pliable, with no sharp edges or hard surfaces that could injure kids. Each piece is easy for kids to move around all on their own and super-fun to play with! Kids are able to use their imaginations to create whatever they wish with Foamnasium, and since they don’t need your help in building with or moving the foam shapes, you can settle back and relax. We’re confidant that, with Foamnasium, you won’t be disappointed. Our products come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and now we even offer our furniture to you in groups! With these sets you get even more for your money and can mix and match pieces however you and your kids see fit. Our groupings include a gymnasium set, an obstacle course set, and many other pieces designed to keep your kids entertained. With so many options to chose from, how could anyone get bored? The possibilities for creation are endless with Foamnasium, especially because our line of products just continues to grow and grow! Not to mention, if you have an idea for a new product, give us a call! We’d love to hear it, as we’re always encouraging creativity and the use of imagination.

No matter what we’re making, though, our number one priority is to keep your kids safe while they’re having fun. They can climb, jump, and bounce on any of our products in a way they simply could not do with hard furniture and playthings and not get hurt. Foamnasium is the perfect gift for any child – and any parent’s peace of mind, so call us today to purchase or learn more!