Young girl engaging in active play on Foamnasium "Playground" nine-piece, foam play-set.

Crafting foam since 1952. 

More than six decades ago...

A man named Robert T. Elliott founded a company called Foamcraft in Indianapolis, IN, distributing foam and latex around the Midwest to furniture, boat, and RV manufacturers. Foamcraft still is thriving, 65 years later. 

In 2011, the opportunity came to Foamcraft to manufacture their own line of children's products and sell them directly to consumers. Their decades of experience with foam made the transition to a cushion based consumer product natural and effective, and Foamnasium was born.

Today, Foamnasium's foam and vinyl climbing toys, building blocks, and foam furniture can be found worldwide. It's become a pillar of the Foamcraft facility in Greenfield, IN, and continues to grow, year after year.



Foamcraft also operates two other direct to consumer brands, offering high quality comfort without the added charges for other manufacturers and retailers.