Shirley Marino

4-18-16 Dylan my grandson loves his wacky sack, Drags it everywhere with him.
Jack  Foamie.jpg

Mark B.

12-13-12 I purchased the large foamman (Foamie)in early September and this is the ONE toy my 4 year old plays with just about every day!!! It has withstood numerous physical activities (tackling, punching, kicking, jumping, throwing etc) without a scratch or tear! It's soft enough that he fell asleep on it last night. My Yorkie also uses it as a step to get on the couch or bed. Foamie was a great investment and the best purchase I have made for the children! Thank you!!

Nathan and Rebekah E.

3-15-11 Great set of products! The foam is comfortable and safe, the vinyl is soft and strong, and the ideas are so much fun! We don't have very much for our nieces and nephews to do when they come over, so we got a Foam Home and a Foam Man and now the kids LOVE coming over! And with prices so much lower than other child furniture products, Foamnasium was a no-brainer!

Jann S.

4-1-11 I am a mom of a boy, age 7 and girls, ages 4 and 18 mo.  All three of my children love the foamman as he provides endless entertainment, they especially enjoy tackling him!  When friends come over, it is the first thing they notice and play with.  They had different groups of friends over on Tuesday and Wednesday and right away their friends gravitated to the Foamman and had a blast with him! This product is well made and has held up remarkably well after being jumped on over and over!  Thank you Foamnasium!!

Grandpa Jim

4-11-11 Wanted you to know that my grandchildren ages 3 and 5 really liked the children's chairs that I bought for them from Foamnasium. I bought two chairs and a Sit N Shape because they were going to stay with us for 10 days while their parents were on vacation, and I'm glad I did because they liked the chairs more than sitting on a couch and used them all the time. They liked the handles on the back which made them easy to move around and when they spilled something on them it was easy to clean too.

Great product!!! Every parent and grandparent should some for their kids.


Doc Sunshine

3-1-12 My 7 month old son is on the move; he's gone from crawling to climbing everything and everyone. We got the Foamnasium toddler step (along with the wedge) as an attempt to help keep him from feeling frustrated and allow him to safely explore his nascent mobility. So far, the step has been great. One caveat: the Foamnasium products do not attach to each other so if you place two of them next to each other, they easily slide apart. This means that you need to be supervising your child (which you'd probably do anyway, right?). There's a little handle on the side of the step (and the wedge) so you could either attach velcro to the two sides and stick them together or even use some kind of a string to hold the two together. I can't comment on the durability of the product, since we haven't used it for too long.
Cons: the product is a bit pricey, but not too bad when you compare it to similar items available for purchase.
Pros: Overall, this is a good "toy" to help your child develop his/her moving skills. It's fun too!